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UPDATE on Amateur 80 - University Of Santo Tomas Scandal

Apparently, we've been informed that she isn't the one in the nude pictures so we're deleting the poor UST student's photos, but still retaining the nudies. Enjoy chief!

Amateur 221. Bathroom Selfie

This chick squeezes her boobies so you don't have to...

click the image

more after the cut
Enjoy, chief!

Amateur 220. Nude Selfie

... one random Pinay nurse...

click the image

More after the cut
Enjoy, Chief!

Thank You, chiefs!

Guys, I know i haven't been posting lately, its just because I'm a bit busy know doing stuff that pays the bills. hehe. But just want to let you know that i appreciate all the support you've given for the site. Hopefully, I'll be able to post some updates soon. Pinayrate account is flooded with emails you've sent :D

For the mean time, you could browse our Pinayrate archives. Enjoy, chief!

Shout outs to those who sent donation amounts via paypal. Saw it just now :D 
You are great, guys! 

Video 08. Updated Download Link

Hi guys, will make this post short. 
The original link is working just fine but I've added another link here 
so others could download it, too.

updated link after the cut
Enjoy, chief!


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